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Alan Jones’ relevance comes into question.Nine a quinella too far

WE ALL like a gamble on the races at this time of year. But it was most disturbing to watch the ”gamble-isation” of Channel Nine’s telecast of the races the past two Saturdays. Surely it is time to look at all gambling advertising on television and what restrictions can be placed on it. And for TV stations and sporting bodies to be more responsible in their acceptance of the gambling dollar? Though methinks things have gone too far.

Ellen McGregor, Frankston

Please scratch Waterhouse

”THE Tom Waterhouse Show”, presented on Nine on Saturday afternoons, has been rudely interrupted by horse racing. This must cease! Wouldn’t bet on it though.

Rod Miller, Elwood

Tom’s double fault

FIRST the tennis. Now the horses. Is there anything Tom Waterhouse can’t spoil the viewing of?

T. Higgins, East Melbourne

Rhomance cream of the crop

TO CONTINUE the saga about Rhonda and Ketut (I love it!), judging by the twinkle in Rhonda’s eye I’d say she did make it with Ketut, but anyhow it’s fun wondering about it and much more interesting than almost anything else available on the box these days.

Rosemary Dale, Belgrave

Jones keeper-uppers dwindle

JUSTIN Smith’s excellent piece on Alan Jones (GG 25/10) and the perception that Jones’ influence has waned, leads some of us to wonder why he ever had so much influence in the first place. Jones is a ”sneerer”. People who laugh off, or indeed sneer at any point of view they disagree with. Many people, including media, seem to be intimidated by these types such as Andrew Bolt. On the other hand, they might think it is just a waste of time debating with such bombastic people.

John Rawson, Briar Hill

No laughing matter

I AGREE with Shelley Frawley and Pat Lightfoot (GG, 25/10). What do we want? Clarke & Dawe. When do we want it? Every Thursday, ABC TV. (Not just sometimes.)

Ruth Boschen, Balwyn

ABC out of its mind

WHY were we fobbed off by Leigh Sales saying in an offhand way that if we wanted to see Clark & Dawe we could watch them on the ABC website? For me, they are the highlight of 7.30 and should not be ”out of sight, out of mind”.

Sue Donovan, Abbotsford

Delta no good

DELTA Goodrem’s appearance on Nine’s ACA left me disappointed. Her words were extremely unclear so that only about 10 per cent came across as intelligible. There is obviously a problem with her diction or an audio failure. Whichever, it needs fixing.

Graham Price, Elwood

Serious screen types

HAVING gone to see To Rome with Love without any preconceived view, I was delighted to enjoy more belly laughs from a film than I have done in years. Surely ABC TV’s film reviewers – At the Movies – have lost their sense of humour, Margaret especially? Thanks to Woody Allen, I’m still laughing, particularly under the shower!

Peter Cowden, Clifton Springs

The amazing waste

RE: THE Amazing Race – in this day and age of carbon footprints and saving the planet, has anyone considered the trivial use of our precious resources by a group of people rushing from location to location – not to experience other cultures and countries, but just to enable them to go somewhere else?

Wayne Murray, Cannons Creek

Ten’s breakfast of champions

WE ARE probably not your demographic, but we love Paul Henry and Kath Robinson for breakfast. We switched from Today a few months ago (sorry Lisa!) and really enjoy Paul, Kath and Magdalena. Only complaint: don’t finish at 8.30am. We also love The Project – Charlie, Carrie and co. are great. Keep up the good work Channel Ten – some of us are watching!

Susan Secombe, Edithvale

Thank you Ten-fold

THANK you, Channel Ten, for changing the time of The Project – we love it, but were chopping and changing between Channel Seven News.

Joan O’Neill, Mount Waverley

Joining Josie’s hunt

YES, Josie Wadelton (GG, 25/10), we too are missing that ”daily fix” of Bargain Hunt. Why would Channel Seven (7Two) stop showing a program that British people set their lunchtime around, and of which an Australian version was filmed with Tim (Wonnacott) last year? Obviously, people love it. Please bring it back!

Elizabeth Moore Golding, Kensington

Calling all cult audiences

LOST in the wilds of ABC2 on a Tuesday evening, The Strange Calls is going to come and go with few noticing it. This deliciously droll and surreal comedy, set on the north coast, is excellent. Barry Crocker is fabulous and can hog a scene just standing there. If it were made by the BBC, it would have a huge cult following.

D. Martin, Mount Martha

Carry on, SBS

IT WOULD be refreshing if SBS would cease including in its otherwise commendable eclectic mix of weekend programs some bawdy foreign film or documentary with a rather unsubtle title such as Sex Workers and Proud! or Diary of a Nymphomaniac. I realise that the network is committed to covering as many of the 7 billion stories as possible, but just because a show has French subtitles, it doesn’t suddenly rise above the level of soft-porn guff.

Peter Waterhouse, Camberwell

iStapler malfunction

DR ROSEMARY, as per your suggestion I used a stapler on my Green Guide. I now have a cracked iPad screen. What do I do now?

T. Screens, Melbourne

Radio no longer a staple

I CARE not about staples. What annoys me is the apparent demise of your radio guide. We’re in troubled times, I know, but at least print the programs that are on ABC Radio National and we’ll say no more about it. Carry on.

Alan Meagher, Ballarat

Arnos amends

RATHER than allow the pages of my Green Guide to become messy, each Thursday I now use a two-hole punch and then insert a reusable Arnos fastener.

Richard Opat, Elsternwick

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